Companies and institutions

– which are part of the success of the MassVentil project, support its goal with donated free tools, products, volunteering or financially:

ACMIT GmbH – the Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology, an EN ISO 13485 certified research and development center in the field of medical technology, is supporting the MassVentil team with its proven expertise in bringing complex medical devices from idea to clinical use. This is essential for developing our concept prototype. Thank you!

ADA-MED Ltd sells premium anesthetic devices and supports us with free breathing circles. Thank You!

The motto of Bolt is speed and reliability, just like our priorities, so we are especially happy that they support our work. Thank you for transporting our team members!

BPS, uninterruptible security – that’s what we need! Thank you for the uninterruptible power supply provided for the seamless operation of the MassVentil system.

CEU iLab is a startup incubator set to help startups from Central Europe and beyond to become successful, international businesses. Its aim is to nurture a culture of entrepreneurship and to link academia and business. They help our team to turn our theoretical invention into a marketable product, and establish a value-creating enterprise. Thank you!

Craftbot contributed to the work of the development team by offering two high-performance 3D printers and significant amounts of filament.

The European Commission supported us by promoting the project and business coaching. Thank you!

The Department of Informatics of National University of Litoral (FICH-UNL) -Argentina- provides technological support and helps the communication in Spanish speaking territories. Thank You!

FULLenergy-is full of energy – just like us! He believes in epoch-making technologies. So do we! It is an honor to have your trust, thank you for your support!

GANZ KK undertook to design and prepare the head unit that controls the ventilator fans of the mass ventilator system – for about HUF 5 million. Thank you.

The mission of the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society is to serve the interests of its members and the community at large by promoting the theory, practice, and interdisciplinary aspects of systems science and engineering, human-machine systems, and cybernetics.

The IKUT Foundation is a committed supporter of innovation and research, providing financial support to the project. Thank You!

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology supported the Obuda University in order to make us possible finishing the prototype and also ensures we can test the concept in ad-hoc hospital environment. Thank You!

IVODIX has held our hands while designing business model scenarios and go-to-market strategies. We received professional implementation support in making our vision practically feasible. Thank You!

KACSUKPatent is our legal advisor in intellectual property rights, has helped us making the patent internationally available for those in need and also, supported us in preparing our website. Thank You!

Behind the kezes-lábas” playhouse there is a team of engineers, developing special vehicles and tools to support others. They believe that together we are far more than the sum of the parts. Maybe we found each other exactly for our shared values. Thank you for the valves made on Easter weekend!

The main competence of LEAX Hungary Zrt. is CNC machining. Thank you for the 4th generation valves manufactured for the MassVentil project!

The slogan of Market Építő Plc Market Construction Plc. is „We love to bulid”. Thank you for donating to support the construction of the mass ventilation system! We also love to build 🙂

The Institute of Modernization helps with its expertise to create a reliable and robust system. Thank You!

MihasznaFilm made our introductional video for our donation page. Since then, people have a better understanding of what we are doing, and even more people are supporting our  initiative. The benefits are huge for us!

The University of Óbuda provides location and space for the project. Thank you for granting our community of talented professionals a “home” where we can turn our plans into success!

Progressive invents, designs, turns into reality. Just like our engineers. We have a common attitude. Thank you for the brochure and meticulous graphics we received as a gift!

Pronaxis Ltd uses only cutting-edge and reliable technologies. Because patient safety is of paramount importance to us, we are excited to work together on software development. Thank You!

The Pure Life Foundation supports the project with international legal advice. For a lawyer, a few hours of knowledge sharing – for the project, a crucial router. Seemingly small things make great changes. Thank you.

The RS Line Ltd from Pécs manufactures unique and small-scale chipped or sheet parts and welded metal-works for all areas of the industry. They contributed to the MassVentil Project by producing 5 pcs valves. Thank you.

Attila Kálmán’s independent spring manufacturing company ( has decades of experience with ISO 9001 certified machines, tools and measuring instruments. “RELIABLE QUALITY SINCE 1974”. Yes, it produces springs for us, too 🙂 Thank you!

Schneider Electric contributes with protection devices, power distribution products, variable speed drives and signaling devices. Thank you.

Semmelweis University has sent us medical (ambu) dolls, on which we are testing the system. The lungs simulated with a PET bottles stuffed with rubber gloves, are history now 🙂 Thank you!

TESTO Ltd is a specialist in measurement tasks. And we have plenty of that! Thank you for helping us resolve our measurement issues with the tools offered as a donation.

The Department for Science Diplomacy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary helps in the development of international scientific and business relations.

WorldQuant is committed to quality research and development. Their financial support allows us to design a solution that can be validated as a medical device in addition to the first version previously made of components purchased from the DIY store. Thank You!