The MassVentil Project: Designing a Mass Ventilator System for the Treatment of Group Illnesses

We are designing a mass ventilator system, that can ventilate up to 5-10-50 or even more people at once, protect healthcare workers, and can be operated outside of hospitals, in temporary emergency camps.

The mission of the MassVentil project team is developing of a working prototype for a modular mass ventilator system, which, under critical circumstances, can be used to simultaneously ventilate a large number of coronavirus patients in critical condition. Plans and results are available for free for organisations who wish to use it during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Most Important Benefits of the MassVentil Concept:

(1) Equipments currently in use are capable of supplying only one person, and each patient must be provided with a separate ventilator, so the available quantity may soon run out. Our MassVentil solution consists of a central duct system and personal ventilator modules for the individual patients. The central inhalation and exhalation duct system supplies air to and collects gases from all the personal ventilator modules for ventilating more patients at the same time, thereby saving more lives.

Current equipments provide ventilation for one patient at a time.

(2) Exhaled infectious air exits into the common hospital airspace by the respiratory equipment currently in use, whereby doctors and nurses are at increased risk due to working in air contaminated with high concentrations of viruses. In our MassVentil concept, the medical ventilator removes (and filters) exhaled infectious air from the common airspace, significantly reducing the risk of infection for nursing staff, to provid safer working conditions.

Spontaneous contaminated air is usually discharged into the common hospital airspace and personnel are therefore at increased risk of infection.

(3) An important factor to consider when setting up mass health camps is, which equipment can be used without hospital infrastructure in places where there are no drainage pipes in the wall and power distribution is limited to each camp bed. The mass medical ventilator, that we are designing within the framework of the MassVentil project, is to be employed ad-hoc in an out-of-hospital environment without the need for advanced hospital infrastructure.

It is important that the mass ventilator is not necessarily operated in a hospital, it should also be possible to use it in a camp environment.

With some of these devices, hundreds of people could be ventilated at the same time in an emergency camp environment. Thousands of people in camps around the world could be saved: patients, doctors, nurses.

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